Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alive and kicking! Me AND my garden!

Even though it is now fall, my garden this year is still alive, beginning to struggle at this point, kinda like me earlier this spring, and last year.... Which is one of the reasons I haven't posted in forever, too sick and down too.

Long story short, I was ended up transported to the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN. And in short THEY (Drs. Swain. Frye (sp?) and Jen Frank NP and all their team) SAVED MY LIFE!!! I still have ongoing chronic pain conditions, but thanks to them, one was at least temporarily fixed (permanent fix is yet to come, IF North Dakota bureaucrats LET me go back!)(North Dakota is NOT a good place for disabled folks, it took me a YEAR to get help with my lymphedema, between the hoops of red tape they made me jump through and the ONE nurse educator for the whole state playing some kind of game behind my back with my EMPLOYEES NOT to get what I needed done, it took a year and only ended when I called the head of the whole thing in the capital and started making lawyer noises :(

But back to my garden... lol

This growing season has been really weird, not just for me, but for everyone I know who has gardens they don't spray with chemicals. Weird bouts of near flooding conditions followed by weeks of drought like conditions, BUGS!!! Something new for me up here in the frozen north! I hardly had any bugs before!!! And my roses! ARGH! one died, two looked like they weren't going to make it. They both finally started growing, the Carumba actually had a few blooms on it late this summer, the Winnepeg rose hasn't yet, but it is growing well, hopefully they will BOTH do better next year.

Speaking of roses, I could not help but buy two from Tyler, Texas!! Near where I am from, Tyler is reknown for their roses!! One is a brilliant bright yellow that smells as heavenly as it looks, the other is a single petal rose whose send will send you straight to cloud nine in an instant! I have them BOTH in pots and they are coming INSIDE for the winter along with my verbenas, rosemary (which has more than tripled in size :), lettuces, green onions, parsley, avocado (pray they sprout and grow! just got a HUGE pot for the trees, gonna try to keep them trimmed to fit into a pot), gerber daisys, thyme, and want to dig some of my sage out of the garden for fresh sage (ask me for my stuffed delicata squash recipe! OH MY it is so good!!!)(yes, it could be one of the reasons my arms hurt... from patting myself on the back! LOL)

Even though I was in the hospital for the first few months of our growing season, I had gotten some things planted, like a long pot of lettuces, and of green onions (love green onions best of all the onions!!!) and so while I was gone, they grew so well, not only did was my husband able to eat frequent salads, but started sharing with some of the local kids! He also would add some of our edible flowers, which really gave the kids a treat!

I think I have finally run down, and done posting for now :)

Have wonderful fall gardens!!!

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